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Wellness - Professional Healthcare

CompWellness Network, Part IV – Professional Healthcare

In the Year 2000, we will be challenged in many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As we have seen in previous issues and will see in this issue, these challenges can effect our health. Our goal then, is to establish the maximum health state possible for ourselves and our loved ones, which is a state of wellness.

Wellness is a state of high-level health that requires a strong effort to reach and a continual effort to maintain. The result, however, is the best possibility of good health – now and throughout life. Wellness has four parts:

  • Fitness – your body needs 20-30 minutes of exercise about 5 days per week. About 60% of US adults do not exercise enough and 25% not at all; for US youth, the numbers are 50% and 15%. See our Fitness articles.
  • Nutrition – what and how much you consume effects how you feel, how long you’ll live, and how you deal with illness and disease. It includes healthy foods, supplements and the all-importantwater. See our Nutrition articles.
  • Attitude – regular non-physical exercise of the mind and spirit effects your mental and emotional state. This integrates your Fitness and Nutrition efforts. See our Attitude articles.
  • Help – regular visits to healthcare professionals who assist you to a healthy state as well as customize your wellness plan. See our Professional Healthcare article below.

CompWellness Network is applying this four-part program using the full spectrum of healthcare modalities – Acupressure through Yoga, including conventional Western Medicine. The goal is for you and your healthcare practitioners to work together on your wellness plan, using the least-aggressive therapies available to treat injuries and illness, and to assist you with recovery and prevention.

Professional Healthcare, adapted from the Complementary Healing eGuide

You are in charge of your own health, and Complementary Healthcare practitioners are available to help you. The body is a self-healing, self-maintaining mechanism as long as there are no interferences in its ability to function normally. We’ve all been admonished to eat right, exercise regularly and maintain a good mental and spiritual attitude – very important to any health program. However, we often do not know what the right foods are, what is optimum exercise for us, or how to gain a better attitude. Complementary Healthcare modalities help in all these areas.

Complementary means acting as a complement to, or completing, one another. Complementary Healthcare is an inclusive term that recognizes the interaction of many modalities in assisting an individual to wellness. It implies a holistic approach that encourages a cooperative spirit among healthcare practitioners and is preferred to the term alternative, which creates a separation among healthcare modalities.

Western allopathic medicine – conventional medicine – is associated with therapies that frequently require prescriptions for drugs and sometimes surgery. Conventional medicine holds a valuable place in the total spectrum of healthcare, especially for emergency situations and catastrophic illnesses.

Most of the modalities in Complementary Healthcare use a holistic approach to healthcare which integrate with conventional medicine, and do not replace it. Holistic means treating the whole person – body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit. Treating only the physical body allows many of the unhealthy patterns to continue. Therefore, many more conventional practitioners are learning and practicing holistic methods.

The goal is for all healthcare practitioners to work together, assisting you with recovery and prevention and using the least-aggressive therapies available to treat injuries, illness and other conditions. This will lead to a complete Wellness plan.

Complementary Healthcare Movement

There is a strong Complementary Healthcare movement in the United States. The media, companies, unions, associations and insurance companies are beginning to understand that Complementary Healthcare is as equally effective as exclusively conventional medicine for the majority of our health conditions, with the bonus that Complementary Healthcare is usually less expensive. Doors are opening, information is becoming more public, and activity is increasing to accelerate this Movement.

For instance, in March of 1997, the Colorado Legislature passed the milestone Alternative Medicine bill. It allows Medical Doctors, under certain conditions, to practice non-conventional healthcare modalities without having to worry about disciplinary actions by the Colorado Medical Board, solely on the grounds that an MD practices “alternative” modalities. Historically, Medical Boards in all states have taken aggressive action against MDs practicing outside conventional standards of practice. Ask your Medical Board or legislature what the progress is in your state.

With that legal worry lessened for Colorado MDs, they can not only practice the full spectrum of Complementary Healthcare, but feel more comfortable discussing and recommending other modalities to their patients. It will take some time to see a major change in the attitudes and practices of MDs, but now the door is open. This creates several opportunities on which we can all capitalize:

  • More cooperation between the conventional medical community – MDs, nurses, physical therapists, clinics, hospitals and journals – and other healthcare modalities.
  • More Wellness Programs implemented in small, medium and large organizations – corporations, unions, associations, school districts and family businesses – which use the full spectrum of healthcare modalities for prevention and cure.
  • Reduced healthcare costs.
  • More insurance coverage for Complementary modalities
  • Creative insurance plans covering conventional medicine at much lower rates – initially with higher deductibles and co-payments – leaving 50%-60% of normal insurance outlay available for using of other healthcare modalities.

This will not come easily, but it will come naturally as both the public, the media and our health infrastructures discover – first hand – that Complementary Healthcare works, and works well(ness).

Please join the CompWellness Network in this movement. Show others the Complementary Healing eGuide and encourage them to learn more about and the use of Complementary Healthcare modalities for themselves, their families and their organizations.


There are many Complementary Healthcare modalities and practitioners to help you in your quest for wellness. Many modalities are discussed in Complementary Healing eGuide chapters, in whichhighly-recommended practitioners are featured.

These practitioners adhere to the same strict standards that you should apply to any other healthcare practitioner:

  • Highly recommended by a trusted source
  • Properly educated in their modality
  • Registered or licensed in their locality, as available
  • Housed in suitable office space

CompWellness Network practitioners have contributed time, money and energy to carry the Complementary Healthcare concept to other practitioners and professionals, influencing our health information and delivery systems.

In addition, the National Wellness Yellow Pages is available on the Life Enrichment website, containing 1000′s of wellness practitioners from around the country, including many of those in the CompWellness Network.

With these resources, you will find the modalities and the practitioners that work best for you. Use these practitioners regularly.

Also see the many articles on Complementary Healthcare modalities in the Complementary Healing eGuide.

Places:  Santa Fe, New Mexico
by Kenton H Johnson, Publisher, and Director of CompWellness Network
and Josephine Hehnke, Owner of Go-with-Jo Travel, 1-888-Go-with-Jo

See the complete article in the Wellness eJournal for more details as well as many pictures and graphics.

Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico, is located in the North Central part of the state and supports about 60,000 people in the city and about 120,000 in the metro area. One of the oldest cities in the US, it boasts the oldest continuously-used government building, as well as a church and a home in the US, though St. Augustine FL makes similar claims about the latter two. On the other hand, it is probably one of the most saturated area for art and art galleries in the US, sometimes called “Gallery Heaven” – see a sampling in Exploring, below.

There are many Complementary Healthcare individual practitioners and some headquarters for major Complementary Healthcare schools. Given the population size, we were not surprised that only a couple of Complementary Healthcare centers can be found in the Santa Fe. However, it has a very strong showing for healthfood stores: three Wild Oats and two independents. Albuquerque, at almost ten times the size and about 60 miles Southwest of Santa Fe, has many more Complementary Healthcare centers. We also visited Taos, a town about one-tenth of Santa Fe, to visit Indian drumming foundation – showing the health benefits of drumming – and discovered an interesting “telecommunity.”

International Institute of Chinese Medicine (IICM) and ClinicIICM Symbols – CLICK to EMAIL


IICM was founded in 1984 by Dr. Michael Zeng who came to America from the People’s Republic of China, bringing with him an extensive knowledge of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Over the past decade, he and his wife, Dr. Nancy Zeng, using their 35 years of experience in TCM and Western Medicine, have established a program in Oriental Medicine largely based on the type of training TCM doctors receive in mainland China. The curriculum addresses all modalities which exist in TCM. IICM is a private, non-profit institute that has graduated over 400 students in 15 years of operation, most of whom have gone on to successful careers in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (OM).

See the complete article in the Wellness eJournal, on IICM’s Oriental Medical Philosophy and Clinic, Acupuncture Anesthesia.

Santa Fe Campus: PO Box 29988, Santa Fe, NM 87592-9988, (505) 473-5233, (800)377-4561, 102152.3463@compuserve.comAlbuquerque Campus: 4600 Montgomery Blvd. NE 1-1, Albuquerque, NM 87109, (505) 883-5569, (888) 937-4426, panda@thuntek.net. IICM’s website is www.thuntek.net/iicm/

The Physicalmind Institute® and The Method®

Physicalmind Institute – CLICK to EMAIL

We caught Joan Breibart, the founder of this Santa Fe-based international institute for Joseph Pilates’ physical therapy and fitness work, by phone the evening before we visited her facilities. She described their phenomenal growth over the last eight years as doubling each year, adding a few thousand teachers to the only 200 that existed in 1991. This was coincident with the rapidly-growing understanding that fitness is a very important part of wellness. She has built a fine network of schools as well as an international referral service for Pilates teachers and studios.

After eight years of intense effort to educate and inform the public about the benefits of bodymind fitness, the Physicalmind Institute feels we are now entering the exciting, effective and far-reaching arena of fitness television. FitTV is a new 24-hour fitness channel created by Fox Network, reaching 10 million homes.

See the complete article in the Wellness eJournal for more on the Pilates Method and referral service.

To inquire about a studio in your area, or to obtain information about videos, home-use equipment, teacher training, contact the Physicalmind Institute, 1807 Second Street, Suite 15/16, Santa Fe NM 87505, (505) 988-1990, (800)505-1990, themethod@trail.comwww.the-method.com

All One Tribe Foundation

All One Tribe Foundation Drummer – CLICK to EMAIL

One the way back to Colorado, we stopped in Taos to visit All One Tribe Foundation and the historic plaza. We talked to the very-energetic Executive Director, Julia Pyatt. She briefed us on the vision, mission, drums, and the therapeutic value of drumming, as well as the special soft, wide, Velcro-held leather handle for their drums, it can be used and be very beneficial for developmentally-challenged people. They are also planning a Year 2000 drumming event.

To affirm their visualization for the coming Millennium, people in cities and towns around the world will drum together in unison for the final hours of 1999. As they drum, an affirmation of their collective vision for Unity will be read in every major language of the world.

See the complete article in the Wellness eJournal for more on the foundation’s mission, drumming as a therapy, and the Year 2000 drumming event.

All One Tribe Foundation, PO Drawer N, Taos, NM 87571, (800)442-DRUM, beat@allonetribe.orgwww.allonetribedrum.com/aotfoundation/.

La Plaza Telecommunity

Next door to All One Tribe Foundation is the Community Wellness Council, offering several programs for women and children in the area. Since they were having a staff meeting, we gave them a couple of our Complementary Healing Guides and received a couple of brochures. Noting their email as comwell@LaPlaza.org, we jumped to the conclusion that their website was www.LaPlaza.org. However, the website belongs to a local organization, the La Plaza Telecommunity. It is a very community-oriented website and Internet service, with the mission to improve communication and information sharing in Northern New Mexico by providing our rural tricultural communities with: Internet access, computer/Internet education, as well as regional information and resources.

See the complete article in the Wellness eJournal for more details.

Exploring Santa Fe, by Josephine Hehnke

Train from Santa Fe to Lamy – CLICK to EMAIL

“Dos Equis, please” feeling rather decadent ordering a beer at 11:30 am but what the heck, we’re on vacation, I thought, on the scenic train from Santa Fe to Lamy, New Mexico. We had arrived in Santa Fe Sunday evening ahead of a snowstorm raging in Colorado.

Sunterra Villas de Santa Fe Suite Living Room – CLICK to EMAIL

After checking in at the Sunterra Villas de Santa Fe and discovering to our delight that we had a one bedroom suite, a quick dash to Albertson’s was called for to stock up on eggs and potatoes for breakfast the next day.

At our request on Monday morning, the hotel shuttle took us to the Loretto Hotel in time to catch the 9:30 walking tour of the historic downtown area. This superlative tour of the capitol building and many historic buildings and sights by A Foot, ended back at the Loretto when it began snowing heavily. A call to the Villas quickly summoned the hotel shuttle to our rescue.

We met a friend at the hotel who took us to Cordelia’s, a nice out-of-the-way restaurant for a leisurely lunch of northern New Mexico cuisine, and were asked the New Mexico state question, “red or green?” We requested to have the chile served on the side so we had control of the spiciness of the dish. Before we finished lunch, the sun had come out and was already melting the snow.

Gallerie Zuger

Calcagno at Canfield Gallery – CLICK to EMAIL

Next was a quick tour of a few of the galleries on Santa Fe’s famous Canyon Road(they close at 5 pm): the Canfield Gallery, the Galerie Zuger, and two others displaying the works of Jean-Claude Gaugy and William Vincent. In the historic plaza area, we found Pasqual’s – the food was good, and it was fun sitting at the community table and meeting fellow tourists from Taos and California .

Tuesday, after a late breakfast, the hotel shuttle deposited me at the Santa Fe Southern railroad station where we rendezvoused to catch the 11 am departure to Lamy. The train travels South through some very scenic country arriving at Lamy, a town of 100, at 12:30. A local caterer was set up in the train station with frito pies, sandwiches, burritos and chocolate chip cookies. After a quick lunch, we set off to photograph Lamy’s two sites listed on the National Historic Registry: a church, which is being renovated by the townspeople on weekends, and a vacant building which at one time served as a brothel and since then off and on as a restaurant.

Anasazi Restaurant – CLICK to EMAILSantacafe Restaurant Outside – CLICK to EMAILSantacafe Restaurant Inside from Bar – CLICK to EMAIL

After returning to town at 3:30 and scouting the city’s historic central plaza, we decided on the Anasazi Restaurant for supper. We shared the scallops wrapped in bacon and the mixed grill of grouper and petite filet. The food was excellent but we wanted to do some more exploring of the town and requested a recommendation for dessert, and were directed to the Santacafe just a few blocks further down the street. The service was impeccable, the dessert superb and the ambiance outstanding.

Palace of the Governors – CLICK for Santa Fe's Visitors' SITE

Wednesday, regretfully we had to leave but not before doing some Christmas shopping at the plaza’s Palace of the Governors where local Indians – having gone through a careful screening process – sell their wares. We found beautiful gifts for almost all those on our list, then bid a fond farewell to Santa Fe, advising, “We’ll be baaaack!”

Josephine Hehnke, Editor – CLICK for more on HEALTH TRAVEL

Note: Other New Mexican sights and info can be found at Santa Fe’s Visitors’ siteGuestLife New Mexico (santafe@guestlife.com) and About.com‘s Southwest info base.

Josephine Hehnke was born and raised in Nebraska. She studied humanities and business in Lincoln Nebraska and Kansas City Missouri, as well as lived in Ft. Lauderdale Florida, then Denver Colorado, where she has become an expert on travel throughout the Rocky Mountain Region. Following her passion to travel and help others travel, she studied at the Colorado School of Travel, interning and working at Colorado World Travel then the international agency, Carlson Wagonlit Travel. She is a Certified Travel Agent, and has traveled to Cyprus, London, Paris, Brussels, and in many states in the US, most recently to Miami (for to tour cruise ships), St. Augustine Florida, all the California Missions, and both Portlands (Maine and Oregon). She plans many more research tours around the country and the world in 2000. Keep your eyes open for her stories.

Reader Comments – Colloidal Silver (Email your comments to us at Info@CompWellness.org)

The following Q & A from the last issue created several comments and well as some research on our part. First the Q & A, then support for Dr. Weil’s statements followed by reader comments.

Colloidal Silver – Better than Antibiotics?, by Dr. Andrew Weil, Ask Dr Weil, November 11th.

A woman who’s son had an infected hip joint asked about using “natural colloidal silver Dr. Weil responded “…As far as colloidal silver is concerned, I can’t see how it would help. In fact, it could be harmful. … The promoters of colloidal silver make some fantastic claims: They say their products extend life, protect you from cancer, and cure just about anything. They’ll tell you that mineral deficiencies lead to a weakened immune system and cancer. All of this is nonsense. Colloidal silver supplements are also heavily advertised as powerful antimicrobials and immune system stimulants, capable of curing up to 650 different diseases. Again, none of these claims have been proven.

At one time, silver products were useful as germicidals, but they’ve been replaced gradually by more effective ones. And no matter what the promoters of colloidal silver tell you, the human body doesn’t need silver. Safety is an issue, too. If taken orally, it can accumulate in the body’s tissues and cause a disfiguring skin condition called argyria. Skin pigmentation, especially around the nose and mouth, turns bluish, permanently. … Medical literature also contains reports of neurological problems that developed in long-term users of oral silver products. … What you might do – what’s better than using colloidal silver – is investigate electromagnetic stimulation for bone healing, a treatment that is backed by scientific evidence.

Research Inaccuracies – Larry C Ford, MD

“You may find the following false statement in some Colloidal Silver literature:

“‘Laboratory tests in 1988 by Larry C. Ford, MD, UCLA School of Medicine, and other researchers showed that destructive bacteria, virus, and fungal organisms are killed within minutes of contact with simple metallic silver.’”

In a phone conversation with him just prior to publication of this issue, Dr Ford stated unequivocally that he did not say anything of the kind. The statements about metallic silver attributed to him are false and misleading and were simply forged on his letterhead. He does not recommend that silver or other heavy metals be ingested into the body unless approved by the FDA and prescribed by an appropriate health professional.

Unfortunately, this false statement about Dr. Ford’s research has been quoted and re-quoted across the Internet and in Colloidal Silver literature.

FDA Issues Final Rule On OTC Drug Products Containing Colloidal Silver, Food and Drug Administration Talk PaperAugust 17, 1999.

“The FDA has issued a Final Rule declaring that all over-the-counter (OTC) drug products containing colloidal silver or silver salts are not recognized as safe and effective and are misbranded. … In recent years, colloidal silver preparations of unknown formulation have been appearing in stores. These products are labeled to treat adults and children for diseases including HIV, AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, malaria, lupus, syphilis, scarlet fever, shingles, herpes, pneumonia, typhoid, tetanus and many others. According to the Final Rule, a colloidal silver product for any drug use will first have to be approved by FDA under the new drug application procedures.

“The Final rule classifies colloidal silver products as misbranded because adequate directions cannot be written so that the general public can use these drugs safely for their intended purposes. They are also misbranded when their labeling falsely suggests that there is substantial scientific evidence to establish that the drugs are safe and effective for their intended uses.”

The report also discusses argyria, ingredients, application, and the extensive the public response process.


Research into the literature shows two areas of caution for those wishing to use Colloidal Silver based on the compelling testimonials that follow. The cautions are:

  • Make sure that the contents of the colloidal silver product is as it says by double checking with reputable vitamin and mineral stores.
  • Be cautious of inexpensive and home-built Colloidal Silver generators because they may not make colloids of the recommended size.

The Best Thing – K Waldrop

“I have found colloidal silver to be the best thing I’ve ever used for mouth ulcers or canker sores. These used to be long-lasting and very painful for me, but one application of CS usually makes them disappear overnight! I don’t care what else it does. That’s enough for me.

“I understand that you basically have to overdose on the stuff to get the blue skin pigmentation. But then too much carrot juice can also turn you orange! Moderation is the key to everything.”

In Support – D Castagno, DD

“… I have used colloidal silver personally for over five years now, as have many people I am in contact with on a daily basis. I will agree that there are many colloidal silver products on the market and just like anything else we should be cautious and be careful not to ‘overdo’.

“Colloidal silver manufactured in the proper manner and ingested in a reasonable manner is very safe and very effective. Yes, there is a need for silver in our body. Silver in previous years was reported in the heart, spleen, kidney, blood, liver, uterus and ovaries in addition to being concentrated in the tonsils and thyroid. (Reference- Your Thyroid Can Be A Pain In The Neck by Nicholas Alexander) and initial references from the US Department of Agriculture prior to the 1940′s. Silver is also effective against syphilis, a pharmaceutical made from silver was used in a very effective manner against the very debilitating disease.

“Properly processed silver is known as ionic-colloidal silver, is very effective and affordable to the patient.

“I could go on. I just thought you may want to know that some of the information you were distributing was not true. The above information is not based on my opinion and experience alone but days and years of research in many medical books. Thanks so much, I am sure your intentions are good, there is just so much disinformation in the holistic health field, I thought you may have an interest in the above.”

D Castagno is an independent holistic health researcher and writer, working on an article regarding silver utilizing references from the late 1800′s and the early 1900′s.

Be Informed and Prepared! – Leslie V

“I agree that electromagnetic stimulation is the better way to heal bones. This has been known for years yet the modern medical institutions don’t practice it; they just hit you with more drugs that they haven’t checked for their ability to work with other drugs.

“Yes if you take large doses of colloidal silver, you will get argyria. Anyone taking at those levels is very excessive. The recommended doses are between 5 and 10 PPM (parts per million) per day in one glass of water. For short terms such as sickness, etc you can go up to 100 PPM but go back to the low doses as soon as possible, usually within three days (there’s that 72 hour thing again). You should go off the silver for a week each month to allow the system to clear itself. The dang stuff works if taken as directed.

“Taking it without reading and understanding doses is what gets people into trouble and makes the bad name for the stuff. It may not be as strong as the new antibiotics but, it won’t kill off all the good stuff in your body while trying to kill the bad. Silver was used for thousands of years – silver spoons and forks and plates – and people knew the little amount of silver they were ingesting was helping them. Silver will kill the ‘bad bugs’ within six minutes. Anyone can run this test with the standard high school lab tests and find out that a small drop of around 5 PPM to a petrie dish will kill the bad guys and help the good guys. How this works, I don’t know. I’ve read very technical explanations that have convinced me.

“I put a 5 PPM dose into my water bottle when I fill it up. After that is gone, I then switch to my regular water. This gives me a slightly less than 5 PPM dose a day. So far the nasal drainage has stopped, I’m feeling better and eating less and having more energy. Something must be working so I’ll stay on this low dosage just as a maintenance.

“…I read an interesting article in Organic Gardening last night. The article was speaking to the fact that just two generations ago we were a lot more self sufficient and less reliant on outside sources for food and healthcare. All in all we were very healthy and major disasters hurt the population less.”

Leslie V is a computer and communication professional for a major cellular company, as well as a very well-prepared citizen.

Essential Silver – Floyd K

“My daughter was given no more than six weeks to live. After several days of reading various [on-line] sites, I decided to buy a battery powered generator. It worked well, but the three 9 volt batteries dropped in voltage very quickly and they aren’t cheap[, so I made my own – directions are available.]

“By this time my daughter’s condition had deteriorated very noticeably. Large sores developed from simple things such as bumping a table or a flea bite. She began taking the colloidal silver and within two weeks the sores were gone…. Six months ago, during a checkup she was told she had cervical cancer. I had her douche with a bottle of CS for a few days. The next checkup it was gone. It has been 18 months now since her death was forecasted, and she is still going.

“My wife had colon cancer eight years ago. We did the full medical program: surgery, chemo and radiation. It was in remission. Then eight months ago it was back. She took 8 oz of CS a day for two weeks. When she went back for a progress diagnosis, it was gone.

“Many of my problems are gone also. The hip the doctors have wanted to replace for 15 years is no longer a problem. The Deprouse (sp) constrictor that was pulling my fingers in is gone. I can still play the organ. The migraine headaches are gone. Also a dozen or more minor things as well.”

Floyd’s background is too diverse to cover here, but basically in technical areas. He is very frank, saying that he is not and never have been in the medical field.

What do you think about colloidal silver? Email your comments to us at Info@CompWellness.org)

News (Email news leads to us at Info@CompWellness.org)

News report summaries on Healthcare and Y2K follow. We have most of the articles on file in case you look for the web references after they are cleared.

AWARE Talk Radio – Jan Nickerson JaNickrson@aol.comwww.y2kconnections.com/

AWARE Talk Radio has weekly and bi-weekly shows on more than 260 stations around the US for health-oriented people. In it is a seven-minute spot hosted by Hope Daniels. Jan Nickerson was interviewed for a “Y2K Awareness and Preparedness” spot to start December 11th in Chicago markets and December 15th elsewhere. She was only able to squeeze in part of her ambitious agenda:

  • Prepare for problems throughout the first quarter, not just the first weekend or week
  • Storing tap water is OK as is
  • Store what you eat or eat what you store
  • Store enough for others
  • Try out Complementary Healthcare methods before you are under duress
  • Beware of addictions and cabin fever that can exacerbate small situations into intense psychodramas.
  • Y2K healthcare and general resources, such as those appearing in past eLetters

For a list of AWARE affiliate stations, download AWARETalkRadioAffiliates.doc from our site.

Center for Y2K and Society is an excellent site to view the latest news, as well as specific news and analysis for:

  • Healthcare
  • The environment
  • Vulnerable people – the elderly, the sick and the poor

Announcements (Email press releases to us at Info@CompWellness.org)

EarthMed.com has just lauched world’s largest online holistic health community. Their mission is to empower people to make intelligent, informed choices about their health and wellness with the end result of a higher level of vitality, joy and prosperity. The site includes:

  • Centers
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  • HealthBuys On-Line Health Store
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  • Life Enrichment Network and the National Wellness Yellow Pages

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