Volume 1, Issue 1: Monday, June 21, 1999

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Healthcare and Y2K

Early in the year 2000, the conventional medication stream may dry up and the medical community may be crippled. This has been verified by careful Internet and telephone research, and reports such as the US Senate, Investigating the Impact of the Year 2000 ProblemMarch 1999. In it, Senators Bennett and Dodd reported that 80% of conventional medications come from overseas, mostly from poorly Y2K-prepared countries. Further, according to the Gartner Group via the Senate report, 64% of hospitals (primarily smaller hospitals) have no plans to test their Y2K remediation efforts, and 90% of physicians’ offices are unaware of their Y2K exposure.

This soon-to-be urgent need can be satisfied by complementary healthcare methods, if implemented soon, well before the medication stream and medical facilities falter. In addition:

  • Non-prescription medicinals may be purchased in large quantities, and only a few are perishable over a one-year period. (Herbal tinctures, for instance, have a much longer shelf life than one year.) So we can prevent any interruption in non-prescription medicinals (if any) by stocking up, much like we do food.
  • Non-conventional medicinals and supplements are much safer than prescription drugs, with very few reactions or negative drug interactions.
  • Many non-conventional healthcare remedies require no medicinals, only a healthcare professional/teacher in such modalities as: Acupressure, bodywork, breathwork, energywork, flexibility/strength-building, meditation, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Reflexology.
  • Non-conventional healthcare usually focuses on wellness versus illness, leading clients away from dependency on drugs and medical offices, to a better immune system, stronger body and mind, as well as a higher quality of life.
  • A complementary wellness program – that is using the full spectrum of healthcare modalities – can be accomplished at minimal or no additional cost through:
  • Self study
  • Free lectures
  • Advice from health food stores
  • Internet information sources such as the CompWellness site.

Money from Health Insurance Savings:

If an option with your conventional health insurance, you may be able to reduce costs dramatically increasing the deductible from $100s to $2000 or so, and use the savings – often $100+ per month – to buy professional services and recommended products. Often, increases in deductible will not reduce emergency room benefits, and a good, complementary wellness program will keep most people out of the hospital.

CompWellness Network

Complementary means acting as a complement to one another. Complementary Healing is an inclusive term that recognizes the interaction of many modalities in assisting an individual to healing andwellness. It implies a holistic approach that encourages a cooperative spirit among healing practitioners and is preferred to the term alternative, which creates a separation among healing modalities:

  • Holistic healing means treating the whole person: body, mind, emotion, energy and spirit. Treating only the physical body allows many of the unhealthy patterns to continue. Therefore, many more conventional practitioners are learning and practicing holistic methods.
  • Alternative healing means not conventional, that is, not using the procedures that are common to Western allopathic medicine – which is associated with therapies that frequently require prescriptions for drugs and sometimes surgery. Conventional medicine holds a valuable place in the total spectrum of healthcare, especially for emergency situations and catastrophic illnesses.

Wellness goes beyond healing and is reaching a high level of health and staying there in an active manner to assure health throughout life. Wellness has four parts:

  • Nutrition – what and how much you consume effects how you feel, how long you’ll live and how you deal with illness and disease. It includes: healthy foods, supplements and the all-importantwater.
  • Fitness – your body needs 20-30 minutes of exercise per day. About 60% of US adults do not exercise enough.
  • Attitude – regular non-physical exercise of the mind and spirit effects your mental and emotional state. This integrates your Nutrition and Fitness efforts.
  • Help – regular visits to healthcare professionals who assist you to a healthy state as well as customize your wellness plan.

CompWellness Network is applying this four-part program using the full spectrum of healthcare modalities – Acupressure through Yoga. You may be able to modify your health insurance coverage to include many of these modalities, or raise your deductible to reduce costs making money available for the other modalities – see in the Y2K article.

The goal is for you and your healthcare practitioners to work together, using the least-aggressive therapies available to treat injuries and illness, and assisting you with recovery and prevention – your wellness plan.

CompWellness Network Web Site Completed

CompWellness is the site for the CompWellness Network. We are accomplishing our mission by directly influencing the media and health organizations, as well as developing and publishing information sources on complementary healing modalities and wellness online – a book, this free eLetter, a journal, resources list and links, and more – see our mission statement below.


Volunteer Citizens of Arapahoe County for Emergency Preparedness, Denver CO, is training and supporting neighborhood Y2K organizers at monthly meetings from 5:45 to 9:00 PM at:

  • Koelbel Library – 4th Thursdays – 5955 South Holly, Denver CO: June 24, July 22, Aug 26, Sept 23, Oct 28.
  • Smoky Hill Library – 3rd Tuesdays – 15460 East Orchard Road, Aurora CO: July 20, August 17, and more to be scheduled.

Touch for Health® Kinesiology Association, a newly-discovered yet long-standing organization quietly operating in the US, offers TFH practitioner referral and support, as well as education for the practitioner and the public. See their July 7-11 Las Vegas conference and July 11-18 post-conference workshops announcement or call (800)466-8342. An interesting public conference call will be Saturday, June 26th from 9:00-9:30 AM Pacific Time – (580)431-8001, pass code 8997 – call at 8:55.

The Rocky Mountain Holistic Health Fair will be Sunday, June 27th from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Evergreen (CO) Conference Center, 27618 Firewood Drive, for only $5 – an exceptional opportunity to explore mainstream alternative healthcare for people and pets. Contact Deb Hill at Elite Events (303)233-1285, Fax: (303)233-5352 for directions and other info. See you there.

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