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Complementary Healthcare Self Sufficiency

In the Year 2000, we will be challenged in many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As we have seen in previous issues, these challenges can effect our health. Our goal then, is to establish the maximum health state possible for ourselves and our loved ones, which is a state of wellness. In addition, we want you to be prepared for the many health conditions that occur in your family.

This issue is focuses on the other sections, some of which contain Complementary Healthcare Self Sufficiency information:

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Harvesting Herbs – Heirloom Seeds eLetter

This is my first year at growing an herb garden. The plants are all doing well, but my question is, when and how do I harvest the leaves for use? – Peggy Ann in Bogalusa, Louisiana.

After the crop matures, but before they bloom, pick the leaves for fresh use early in the morning just after the dew dries on the leaves. You can refrigerate the leaves in a plastic storage bag for about a week. For drying herbs, cut the stems of the plant just before the plants bloom. Tie the stems in small bunches and hang in a dry, airy place or in the shade indoors. If drying outside, bring the herbs inside at night to protect from morning dew. Herbs can also be dried using an electric dehydrator, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once thoroughly dried, store leaves in an air tight glass container. Place container in a cool dark location. Crumble leaves just before use, not before storage. When harvesting herbs to use the seeds, pick heads when mature, but before the seed pods shatter. Dry on trays, separate the seeds from the chaff when thoroughly dried, and store in air tight glass containers.

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The Last-Minute, Y2k Count-Down, Just-In-Case, Action List

If you’re like I am, just recovering from Christmas, it may only now be dawning on you that THIS IS THE WEEK! I find a list of just-in-case preparation action items to be helpful, so am taking the liberty of sharing it with you:

  • FILL BATH TUB(S). To avoid seepage, put a rubber stopper or SaranWrap-like plastic over the drain.
  • CHECK YOUR FLASHLIGHTS, with extra batteries and bulbs on hand.
  • WASH AND CLEAN EVERYTHING REQUIRING WATER. This may include laundry, dishes, sinks, water storage facilities, the dog, etc.
  • TOP OFF VEHICLE GAS TANK(S). [No matter what Bill Richardson says!] Also check oil and other fluid levels and tires – some stations may be closed over the entire holiday.
  • CASH. Get whatever amount of cash your local bank situation and personal comfort level dictates.
  • CLEAN & FILL WATER STORAGE VESSELS. Remember to add appropriate preservative.
  • FILL OIL LAMPS, HEATERS, Etc., with extra wicks and fuel on hand
  • FREEZER CONTENT EMERGENCY PLAN. Have in mind what you want to do with the contents of your freezer in the event of an extended power interruption.
  • PULL APPLIANCE /EQUIPMENT PLUGS for the roll-over period, to protect against possible power ups and downs during the transition period. Leave a light on 24 hours a day to help determine when power is off – it may return with a surge.
  • FINALLY, set out all those things you’ve been going to read “just as soon as I have time.”

And let’s hope we won’t NEED any of this! Happy transition!

Please add to this list by emailing me and this eLetter.

Doug Stewart, Eldorado NM Y2K Group

Colloidal Silver (many excellent points) – David Litell

If silver is so bogus, why have many water purifier companies added silver for decades to charcoal filters as an agent functioning to slow/stop pathogen growth in ye olde charcoal filter??!!! Why haven’t government regulatory agencies declared these to be a public health hazard and issued cease manufacture mandates to those manufacturing companies? Wouldn’t the water flowing through the filter dissolve some silver for ingestion? Water is a solvent. Of course, then, you’d have the health problem of colloidal silver in your newly purified drinking water.

In India, an old, old, tradition is silver hammered into almost translucent sheets,and wrapped around foods eaten at wedding receptions. In Himalayan mountain areas like Nepal, a thin, translucent silver sheet was/is sprinkled on dried fruits for travelers, to facilitate their walk over high mountain passes. Silver conducts electricity and temperature rather well. Bodies are electromagnetic. Hmmmmm Oh, one does eat the silvered fruit.

When used with herbs, vitamins, and minerals, for colds, flu and so forth, colloidal silver has helped me and other folks I’ve spoken to, overcome pathogenic loading. It even works well as an adjunct to antibiotics and codeine cough syrup! (Antibiotic dose reduction)

I think, like other trace minerals, don’t overuse silver. (Enzyme activation pathways altered, perhaps?) Employ it as part of a strategy. Address symptoms with aggressive herbal energy movement (TCM, Tibetan, Ayurvedic styles), homeopathics, and nutritional support (vitamin, mineral, trace mineral, enzymes, proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, plant sterols, glucans, and so forth).

Your concerns about possible problems and delays next year are important to help folks regain self-reliance, and be responsible for themselves and their immediate nuclear family. (The Feds don’t respond as well as the fire department!) We need to move beyond ‘water comes from the faucet,’ ‘electricity comes from the wall,’ ‘St. John’s Wort is herbal Prozac,’ ‘Ginseng is just ginsenosides,’ ‘Ma Huang is ephedrine,’ ‘Golden Seal is berberine hydrochloride,’ and so on!

You may print my comments. The more information the better. (Twelve blind men describing an elephant is superior to one or two!)

Sincerely, David Litell

David is an herbalist and formulator of dietary supplements at The Chemins Company in Colorado Springs CO. Chemins is a member of American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), Herb Research Foundation, American Botanical Council, National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA), and Citizens for Health. David sits on the American Herbal Products Association, Board of Trustees, as the Chemins Company representative. He studies Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic, European, Native American Indian and other systems. He is familiar with gem, metal, and flower essences.

News (Email news leads to us at Info@CompWellness.org)

News report summaries on Healthcare and Y2K follow. We have most of the articles on file in case you look for the web references after they are cleared.

Rx2000 Solutions Institute makes Healthcare Products Year 2000 Database available to the President’s Council on Year 2000 Conversion for Worldwide Distribution, December 26th. Joel Ackerman, Executive Director, announced today that the Institute has donated a copy of its Database to the President’s Council. The database, consisting of thousands of lines of Year 2000 compliance data for products used by healthcare, was compiled from thousands of actual Year 2000 test results that it received from healthcare organizations around the US. After careful consideration, the Institute’s Founders decided the information contained in the database was so important, that it needed to be available to the healthcare community worldwide.

Individuals and healthcare organizations can find no cost access to the Rx2000 Healthcare Products Year 2000 database at Rx2000′s Public Product Database Page. While any organization may freely use the information it contains, the Rx2000 Solutions Institute is not responsible for its content or use.

The Rx2000 Solutions Institute is a non-profit healthcare information clearinghouse providing mission-critical Year 2000 services for healthcare. It is dedicated to assisting healthcare communities maintain high quality patient care, ensure their continued smooth administrative operations and meet due diligence requirements as the industry confronts the Year 2000 date change. To this end the Institute conducts healthcare-specific Y2K conferences and offers free healthcare-related Y2K information on its web site.

For more information, go to the Rx2000 website or call the Rx2000 Solutions Institute at 612-835-4478. Click on title for the full text of this announcement.

The Y2K Progress Report Card for Federal Departments and Agencies: B-, US Representative Stephan Horn‘s Subcommittee on Government Management, Information and Technology, November 22nd. Overall, the government’s internal systems have made no change in rating – still B+, however, its “High-Impact Programs” have slipped from a C to a C-. In many cases, the federal agency responsible for a particular program may be compliant, but its business partners – state and local governments, and the private sector who assist in delivering the service – are not ready. 18 [of the 43] High Impact Programs remain at risk of failure.

Health and Human Services’ High-Impact Programs rated an F. Incomplete programs include (followed by their white-knuckle completion dates, which are probably not complete):

  • Medicaid – December
  • Medicare – December
  • Child and Supplemental Nutrition Programs – December
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance – December

Backup systems to the healthcare programs are in trouble too:

  • Child Care, Child Support Enforcement and Child Welfare – December
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families – December
  • Unemployment Insurance – December
  • Public Housing – December

Horn summarized: “The Year 2000 problem is not limited to January 1, 2000, but may randomly occur over the next few months.”

Remember, these are all based on self-reported data – unaudited by the GAO or any external agency – and we all know that computer projects usually take longer to complete than estimated. Check out the July 29th GAO report indicating that the 100% completion touted in May is not true. Also, end-to-end testing is very important to ferret out data exchange problems and other “bugs” –impossible until subsystems are complete – which often includes non-federally controlled governments and organizations.

On The Edge with Burton Goldberg: Step One in Preventing IllnessAlternative Medicine, November 1999. It usually takes years, often decades, of development before degenerative diseases manifest themselves. Using alternative medical diagnostic techniques, you can identify trouble brewing far in advance, and take steps to avoid disease altogether. Alternative medicine gives you the opportunity of seeing a disease coming long before it ever develops. It allows you to find indicators of disease at its earliest possible phase and then to take measures to halt its progress. This the first step in preventing illness.

Now, we all know it’s difficult to get people to spend their money, time, and effort in prevention. But let me tell you, it’s worth it. I’m 73 years old. I have no health problems, no aches or pains, and I feel great, but I’m doing Chelation Therapy. Why? With heart disease, most attacks come without warning because of conditions that have been quietly building up for years or decades without manifesting any symptoms. I tested the condition of my cardiovascular system and found that I had some arterial occlusions (blocked blood vessels). Further, we now know that “vulnerable plaque” within the artery walls is responsible for 85% of heart attacks, and that viruses and bacteria play a major role in heart disease. There were a number of factors, therefore, that I wanted to change in the quality of my blood. Chelation can do this–removing toxins, providing anti-inflammatories, adding nutrients, and boosting the immune system.

Prevention like this means catching the disease before it develops. But using EDS you can also avoid an adverse reaction to a drug by testing it before you take it. Consider the DPT (Diptheria-Petrussis-Tetanus) vaccine, routinely given to young children. Vaccines pose a real danger to our kids; many cause serious side effects and sometimes permanent damage or death. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Click over for the full text, with some interesting graphics.

Burton Goldberg has his own Message Board on Alternative Medicine’s website, and readers may send him comments or questions there: www.alternativemedicine.com.

Guava Fruit May Benefit Type 2 DiabeticsReuters Health via InteliHealth Professional Connect, Dec 24th. Hong Kong – A traditional Chinese medicine comprised of guava fruit and leaves ground into a powder appears to lower blood glucose levels in patients with type 2 diabetes, without any side effects, according to Dr. Albert Wing-nang Leung of the Baptist University here. A mainland Chinese study of 55 type 2 diabetics demonstrated that 80% of patients improved during 2 months of therapy with 2 to 3 grams of guava extract taken three times a day, according to a report by the Diabetes Research Group from Guangxi Hospital.

“Although the guava preparation is already commercially available, we’re not sure how well the initial study was controlled and we want to do the study again in Hong Kong,” Dr. Leung said in an interview.

Dr. Leung and his colleagues will attempt to isolate the active ingredient from guava extract, which has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine, and identify its mechanism of action prior to commencing human clinical trials. Dr. Leung was speaking at a Chinese medicine seminar in Hong Kong, which was designed to identify areas in which Western and Chinese schools of medicine can collaborate in the future.

Healthcare on UN’s Y2K critical list, Kevin Anderson, BBC News Online via Michael Hyatt’s Y2k Prep E-Mail Newsletter, December 14th. Washington – Healthcare systems and government services are at the greatest risk of being hit by the Y2K computer bug, according to a United Nations-created organisation working with Y2K co-ordinators around the world.

There “remains a medium to high risk that localised Y2K-caused errors could adversely affect public health and safety in the early days of January,” according to a report on global preparedness by the International Y2K Co-operation Centre.

The health and hospital sector has been slow to address Y2K, according to the report by the International Y2K Co-operation Centre, and “this risk is most pronounced in developing countries and in smaller organisations worldwide”.

… The UN is also set to help countries that require long term or expensive technical assistance to obtain funding and provide humanitarian assistance as needed.

Click title for more of the text.

Announcements (Email press releases to us at Info@CompWellness.org)

UN ReliefWeb Coverage During the Y2K Rollover Period, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), December 23, 1999. New York/Geneva – The United Nations’ most comprehensive humanitarian Website – www.reliefweb.int/y2k/ – maintained by the OCHA, will play a special role during the rollover period from 31 December 1999 to 4 January 2000. It will expand from its normal coverage of humanitarian issues and events, to also serve as the United Nations central Web site for public information and analyses related to significant Y2K impacts around the world, with special attention to their humanitarian implications.

ReliefWeb currently provides daily updates on over 40 humanitarian emergencies and posts documents from more than 300 cited sources. It covers breaking news and provides historical background, maps and more than 5,000 background links by country. In order to maintain its strict policy of impartiality and neutrality, all information is posted without editing its content. During the Y2K rollover period, ReliefWeb staff within the OCHA will be monitoring events and adding updates to the Web site 24 hours a day. Readers may access information specific to the Y2K rollover by logging on towww.reliefweb.int and clicking onto the Y2K page. This material will also be cross-referenced in the country and complex-emergency sections of the site.

Grassroots Information Coordination Center (GICC) to Track Community Impact of Y2K, Coalition 2000, December 24th. Anticipating that getting good information on Y2K impacts will be difficult, a grassroots effort has formed to quickly collect and provide accurate information on Y2K impacts at the community level. The Grassroots Information Coordination Center (GICC) announced today that they are providing a unique Y2K information resource as a trustworthy adjunct and grassroots alternative to government and industry information sharing efforts. GICC is providing a forum where volunteers will “follow the sun” on New Year’s Eve and long afterwards to provide late-breaking news of Y2K-related events. This is expected to provide the public a truly unique information source as well as a public history of how the Y2K event unfolds at the community level.

In a truly democratic process, the project provides a participatory, open space where anyone can post and view Y2K incident reports. These reports will subsequently be independently verified and analyzed for trends by GICC analysts. Analyst reports will then be included at the forum. Topics are arranged by subject category, and sorted by date.

The web-based forum, located at www.greenspun.com/bboard/ is going live on December 28th. GICC has its origins in the efforts of the State of Utah and Coalition 2000. Coalition participant Jennifer Bunker is a member of the Utah’s Governor’s Coalition for Y2K Preparedness, and initially suggested using Utah’s Joint Information Center’s to collect the community’s perspective of Y2K events as they occurred. This suggestion quickly grew to a grassroots initiative to monitor the crossover period not only locally but nationally and internationally as a way to both understand events as they unfold and as a means to help in recovery efforts. Founders of the GICC felt that such a site could counter misinformation, as well as provide a viable alternative to other information sources.

No one owns GICC. Rather, it’s autonomous, widespread, self-organizing, and “chaordic,” cutting across traditional lines of generational and political affiliation, and is on the cutting edge of the kind of grass roots civic initiatives changing the face of contemporary society.

Only a little more than a week old, its history is as follows. Seeing the need for keeping the public informed and vigilant, Jennifer Bunker of the Utah Governor’s Y2K Coalition, teamed up with Coalition 2000 founder Steve Davis and 20 other individuals to build the system and combine resources of many Y2K community action groups nationwide. National eyes will be directed at the Utah Center, where Senator Robert Bennett (R, Utah) will be watching the world as the millennium ticks over.

Timebomb 2000 System Operator (SYSOP) Diane Squire brought the essential SYSOP expertise to the group. Based on her experience with the Timebomb forum she was quickly able to establish the necessary web-based sites using Philip Greenspun’s LUSENET software.

At the same time, the nascent GICC reached out to the Center for Y2K and Society, who’ve targeted their efforts in support of the vulnerable members of our society, and have begun their own Y2K newsqiggl. The Center picked up the project’s torch and they are now carrying it to America’s nonprofit sector.

Through the publicity efforts of Coalition 2000 and others, plus consultation by co-founder Gary Gach, of the Foundation for American Communications, GICC is reaching out to the media who are already interested in the Utah project due to the involvement of Senator Bennett, the Chairman of the Senate Y2K Committee


  • Steve Davis, Coalition 2000 and DavisLogic Inc, Columbia MD, 410-730-5677, steve@davislogic.com.
  • Jennifer Bunker, Governor’s Coalition for Y2K Preparedness, and Joint Information Center (JIC), State of Utah, Salt Lake City UT, 801-334-6490, Jen@BunkerGroup.com.
  • Gary Gach, Foundation for American Communications, San Francisco CA, 415-771-7793, ggg@well.com.

On the Web:

One Moment of Prayer for the New Millennium, James Redfield. Wherever you are … join us in a worldwide prayer wave just before midnight your time on December 31st. Wherever you happen to be as the new millennium arrives, we invite you to join in a world-wide effort to begin this historic period of history linked in prayer with millions of others around the world. We know you believe that prayer works, that it can make a difference in how the new millennium begins and unfolds, and that it can help to energize those who have the solutions to many world problems. Says Redfield, “Great news. Thanks to you, the moment of prayer for the new millennium vigil has grown faster than anyone expected. As of December 15, 45,000 people had registered on our web site – www.celestinevision.com – telling us that on the average they had contacted 20 people committed to participate in the prayer vigil. That’s a first group of 900, 000 people!”

Click over for more information

Drumming in the Year 2000: A Global Event, All One Tribe Foundation. Folks who haven’t yet made plans for New Year’s Eve 1999 may be interested to learn of a global party to which they’re all invited. To affirm their visualization for the coming Millennium, people in cities and towns around the world will drum together in unison for the final hours of 1999. As they drum, an affirmation of their collective vision for Unity will be read in every major language of the world. The event honors the “International Decade of the World’s Indigenous Peoples,” declared by the United Nations as 1994-2004.

This event was originally conceived by the All One Tribe Foundation of Taos NM. Participants will drum in shifts to coincide with the midnight hour as it arrives in time zones around the world.

The exact times for the one hour of synchronous drumming when the clock has struck Midnight in the final time zone and the year 2000 has dawned everywhere on the planet. That hour will begin as follows:

  • New York City: 7AM, January 1st
  • London, England: 12Noon, January 1st
  • Singapore: 7:30PM, January 1st
  • Sydney: Australia 11PM, January 1st

Click over for more information

We hope that you and your loved ones have a beautiful and safe New Year.       – Kent and Jo

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