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Complementary Healthcare Self Sufficiency for Y2K

In the Year 2000, we will be challenged in many ways: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As we have seen in previous issues, these challenges can effect our health. Our goal then, is to establish the maximum health state possible for ourselves and our loved ones, which is a state of wellness. In addition, we want you to be prepared for the many health conditions that occur in your family.

See our full article summarizing previous wellness and healthcare articles, as well as introducing important new first aid kit and preparedness suggestions in the Wellness eJournal. This article was updated to clarify our Paradigm, add two more books, and remind us about using non-toxic antifreeze

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Evaluation of Herbal Guides: Wellness Way’s “Quickie” Herbal Remedies guide and Legion of Light’s “Herbal Awareness Guide”
by Rachel Lord, RN, CMT, MH, Owner, Just for Health, Denver Colorado

Guides cannot be the only source for health information, only a starting point or a reminder. As guides go, the Wellness Way “Quickie” guide is more detailed and useful than the Awareness guide.

The Quickie guide is two sided and legal sized, and lists, in four columns:

  • Herb name
  • Mechanism of Use – what the herbs does for health
  • May Be Helpful In – conditions it may help
  • Precautions – important information

I liked the explanation under Mechanism of Use, as well as the Precautions.. These are important to both understanding and proper care.

The Awareness guide is two sided and letter sized, and lists:

  • Condition
  • Several herbs
  • Other remedies, including dietary products to take or avoid

Some people may prefer the condition-to-herb listing better than the herb-to-condition listing. However, in this case, important information is missing, especially the Precautions.

Perhaps it would work to use the Awareness guide to find possible herbal remedies, then use the Quickie guide to find additional information. Being a professional herbalist, I prefer to learn more about the herbs to start with, before taking on the responsibility of my own self care.

I suggest that people only start with an herb guide, then go to a next level of literature – a very detailed book or the guides in the CompWellness Wellness eJournal. Then ask trusted retailer for help in selecting the best product containing the herb, or the raw herb itself.

Remember, don’t just treat symptoms – look for base problem. My concern about the Awareness guide is that it only tells how to treat symptoms. Symptoms are often warnings of serious health problems and just covering them up can mask what is really going on and lead to trouble.

As always with self treatment, if there are no results in a reasonable period of time – a couple of days for acute, recent conditions, to a few weeks for chronic conditions, then seek help from your primary healthcare professional and others to whom you are referred.

Rachel Lord, RN, MH, CMT, CR is a Registered Nurse and has worked in critical care for 15 years. Her interest in holistic health has blossomed over the years, particularly as she watched many people in the ICU return again and again for the same or related symptoms, just worse. Along the way she became a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and a national Reflexology Certification (CR), and teaches both.. She studied clinical nutrition and medical herbalism, and is a Master Herbalist (MH) with an in-house herbal pharmacy. She owns and operates Just for Health, a holistic health clinic with emphasis on Herbal Consultations, Massage Therapy and Reflexology.

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Potassium and Arthritis

You may find useful a discussion of potassium physiology and nutrition especially as they pertains to rheumatoid arthritis beginning at http://members.tripod.com/~charles_W/arthritis.html For a discussion of copper physiology and nutrition especially as they pertain to hemorrhoids, aneurysms, and herniated discs see; http://members.tripod.com/~charles_W/copper.html. Sincerely, Charles Weber

We are not experts on this detailed subject area. If you have comments on Mr Weber’s web references, please email them to us. Thank you.

Kind Words

I know practically everyone is terribly busy this time of year, especially this year. We should NEVER be too busy to say thank you.

Thank you for sending the newsletter. WOW! I have never seen a newsletter with so much info. Please stay in touch, and I will do the same. Thanks again for the mailings. Richard D

Colloidal Silver (Continued)

Dr Andrew Weil’s Colloidal Silver comments in the November 15th issue Q & A Section created several comments and well as some research on our part. Another comment follows:

I appreciate your newsletter, but in the case of Andy Weil you are merely promoting a promoter. His comments that exercise and St. John’s Wort are the only alternative remedies for depression are ludicrous. There are many others, most notably SAMe which has had dozens of double-blind studies done (some at our own Veterans Hospitals) going back to the sixties, all with the same positive results. Furthermore, St. John’s Wort only works on certain types of depression making it viable in only about 20% of cases.

His comments about Colloidal Silver are equally hilarious since my own personal experience and hundreds of testimonials are in complete opposition to his statement.

He is also a big promoter of Canadian rapeseed oil (Can-ola) which is a highly processed, toxic product that is so fragile when heated it turns into a trans fat. And all these restaurants tell us they are doing our health a favor – what a joke.

I don’t care if he is on the cover of Time magazine and is hyping “alternative” health. To me it seems just like a new version of the old special interest “sell.” If you don’t know what I mean, who do you think is behind the Food Pyramid? I’ll bet my money that Weil is on the payroll of the herb growers/processors/encapsulators and the Canadian Dept of Agriculture.

Paul Norris, NextAge Nutrition, Austin TX

What do you think about colloidal silver? Email your comments to us at Info@CompWellness.org)

News (Email news leads to us at Info@CompWellness.org)

News report summaries on Healthcare and Y2K follow. We have most of the articles on file in case you look for the web references after they are cleared.

Natural Solutions to Drug-Resistant Infections, by CJ Puotinen, Well Being Journal, Vol 9, No 1, January/February 2000. When penicillin and other wonder drugs revolutionized Western medicine in the 1940s and ’50s, it seemed as though every infectious illness could be cured with a few pills or injections. But half a century after it began, the golden age of antibiotics is ending with the alarming news that the drugs that were supposed to save the world have instead spawned an epidemic that may destroy it. Click for details.

Perhaps the Greatest Immune-Enhancing Supplement Known to Man, by Richard McGraw, PhD, Healthlinks Newsletter. We have entered the age of immune dysfunctions. Almost all illness is the result of a weakened immune system. We have entered the age of the super-resistant germ. Antibiotics can no longer stop the onslaught of new and mutating bacteria as you have seen reported in the news media.

We must look to our own immune system’s defenses to protect us. A properly modulated, functional immune system can defeat anything that tries to come against the human body. What can turn our “Woody Allen” immune system into an “Arnold Swartzaneggar” fighting machine? Introducing Beta-1, 3-D Glucan, a dietary supplement that is derived from the cell wall of yeast.

Dr. Richard McGraw received his Ph.D. in Orthomolecular Science with a minor in Gerontology. He has owned multiple health food stores in North and South Carolina. Dr. McCraw now resides in Spartanburg, S.Carolina and focuses on his general practice of thirteen years and his health food store.

Many Ignore Mental HealthAssociated Press via IntelliHealth, December 13, 1999. “In an exhaustive review of research on mental disorders, Surgeon General David Satcher concludes negative stigmas and difficulty paying for care are keeping millions of Americans from treatments that have been proven effective. … Satcher hopes this report, the first on mental health, will have a similar impact [to previous smoking reports]. “I hope it will help to change attitudes,” Satcher said, “I hope this report really stimulates many people to care for themselves and for members of their community.” Click for details.

As we have presented, the third component of wellness is attitude. When fitness, nutrition, and other forms of physical and spiritual healthcare therapies are not working as well as we’d like, it is very important to look at the mental aspect of our health. But, our friends and healthcare professionals are often reluctant to encourage us in this direction, thinking that they are suggestion that we are crazy and need months of therapy on a coach. However, recent developments in psychotherapy, such as EMDR, NLP, Thought-Field Therapy and others in our Complementary Healing eGuide, can work very quickly or rapidly get to the core of mental healthcare conditions.

Center for Y2K and Society is an excellent site to view the latest news, as well as specific news and analysis for:

  • Healthcare
  • The environment
  • Vulnerable people – the elderly, the sick and the poor

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We hope that you and your loved ones are having a beautiful holiday season.       – Kent and Jo

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