Professional Healthcare: More Solutions to Exploding Healthcare Costs

eJournal > Professional Healthcare: More Solutions to Exploding Healthcare Costs

by Kenton H Johnson, Executive Director/Publisher

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In early October, The Denver Post reported “Employers, workers exploring healthcare options.” However, only conventional medicine, health insurance and savings account plans were being considered.

Later reports indicated that Medicare patients will be cut out of scores of insurance company plans because the government reimbursement schedules are not keeping pace with conventional healthcare costs.

The good news is that more research and activities support integrating Complementary Healthcare into employer healthcare offerings and personal lives:

  • Providence Occupational Health Services of Illinois is working with more than 300 companies to implement wellness programs - nutrition, exercise, self-care training - saving about $500,000 in one group of 300 employees by reducing absenteeism and workers’ compensation claims alone. Call (618)798-WELL or
  • In a strong movement in conventional medicine, hospitals nationally are implementing the Wellness Challenge, developed by Art Ulene, MD, NBC-TV’s former medical personality. They host screenings, fairs, seminars and teleconferences encouraging individuals to participate in a wide variety of healthy activities and programs. Call (800)255-1066 in California or visit
  • CompWellness Network Member Touro Infirmary, New Orleans LA, has implemented Complementary programs in five large organizations that are economic success for all parties. Helen Ruiz, RN, (504)897-8855.

Take action:  research, encourage, influence and participate.