Lymph: The Missing Factor – When Lymph Wins, We Win

eJournal > Lymph: The Missing Factor - When Lymph Wins, We Win

by Cory Carter CND, NMT, MT and Randy McCormick NPA

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As our lymphatic system is, essentially, our immune system, we have learned that we ignore it at our peril. What do we do when it no longer takes care of us like it used to?

Much can be accomplished with herbal or homeopathic remedies. A combination may be best for you.

With the multitude of herbal and homeopathic possiblities, it is impossible to list every item that could have a potentially therapeutic lymphatic effect. Echinacea, goldenseal, kelp, dandelion, and alfalfa have had some success.

Homeopathically, Mercurius, Silicea, or Baryta may work if. Long-term issues need to be treated by a qualified person. Manual lymphatic massage has its limitations. Even so, lymphatic massage is a must. Technology has given us tools that overcome those limitations. An example of this is the Lymphstar Pro, by Arcturus Star of Cortez, CO.

For the ladies, some breast lumps can be lymph that has congealed due to blockages in the breast. The lymph has nowhere to go, so it solidifies. The Lymphstar Pro produces a frequency that is specifically tuned to the lymphatic system. It not only breaks up blockages in the system, it can help re-liquefy lymph by restoring flow to the system.

Toxins must be removed and supplementation must be exact. But lymphatic victory will be yours.

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Sources: Dr Cory Carter has been in private practice for 20 years, specializing in Lymphatic Drainage. Randy McCormick is a Certified Instructor in the Carter Technique of Lymphatic Drainage.