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by Cory Carter CND, NMT, MT and Randy McCormick NPA

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Toxins, (Literally: Poisons), are the gremlins of our health problems. We blame toxins for everything but have a hard time pinpointing them precisely.

Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, in 1948, gave us a definitive and thankfully brief work that deals with how the body reacts to toxins. He relates that all disease comes from three toxic processes:

  • The excretion of toxins
  • The deposition of toxins
  • Degeneration through toxic action.

You are toxic if your body produces more toxins than your immune system can handle. A free-flowing lymphatic system will not allow toxins to build up.

Imagine yourself beside a flowing stream, pouring a glass of water into it. Will the water you poured remain in front of you? No, it will move downstream and disperse with the water in the stream. Likewise, if toxins don’t build up, (#2), the opportunity to degenerate something (#3) is reduced.

If your lymphatic vessels are blocked, the toxic cycle starts. Lymph, like us, must move to stay alive. No circulation, no chance, period.

The REAL war will occur in the connective tissue first. Next time, we will give more attention to the connective tissue and its importance in the fight.

Bibliography: Homotoxicology by Dr Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, 1980, Menaco Publishing Company Inc

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Sources: Dr Cory Carter has been in private practice for 20 years, specializing in Lymphatic Drainage. Randy McCormick is a Certified Instructor in the Carter Technique of Lymphatic Drainage.