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by Cory Carter CND, NMT, MT and Randy McCormick NPA

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Where is the REAL health battle fought? The organs get the most press, but the connective tissue, the terrain they live in, is where we win or lose.

Yes! We need to remember that our organs are an accurate reflection of the terrain, or supporting tissue, they live in. You can’t live in a septic tank and smell like a rose. Connective tissue is where our organs reside and operate.

We are concerned with LIQUID connective tissue, such as LYMPH! As there is more lymph than blood, it will be more likely that the organs will come in contact with lymph. As we live in a fluid medium, the quality of our lymph is critical to our health.

In extreme disease situations, two issues become life and death. One: Is the body being fed? No building blocks, no tower. That includes digestive ability and transport both ways. Two: Are the lymphatic channels operating well?

Factories can operate at full steam but without a trucking industry to move the goods, they might just as well shut down. Your lymphatic system is your trucking and highway system.

Lymphatic drainage and support can help you win the battle of the connective tissue. Remember, no circulation, no chance, period.

How can we directly affect the lymphatic system in a therapeutic way? We cover this in our final installment.

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Sources: Dr Cory Carter has been in private practice for 20 years, specializing in Lymphatic Drainage. Randy McCormick is a Certified Instructor in the Carter Technique of Lymphatic Drainage.