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by Russell Louie, Aromatherapist

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I recently had my third auto accident in six years. In addition to the soreness and headaches from the whiplash, I also experienced soreness, achy muscles and fatigue from the intense – but very beneficial – Bodywork I was undergoing from CWPA member Michael Moschel. As an Aromatherapist, I decided to put my practice to use.

The following is my Essential Oil treatment plan to avoid sore achy muscles from the auto accident and subsequent Bodywork or Physical Therapy:

  • Immediately after any Bodywork or Physical Therapy, I apply the Essential Oil blends of Relieve IttTM, PanAwayTM, and Aroma SiezTM topically.
  • In the evening, I take a hot bath with Epsom Salt and Essential Oils. Because the oils and water do not mix well I always mix my Essential Oils in a bath gel base first. This emulsifies the oils, makes the oil droplets smaller and suspends them in the water. I apply the bath gel mixture directly to the sore areas of my body before I get into the bath.
  • In addition to the above oil blends, I might add lemongrass (for ligaments), basil (muscle spasms and inflammation), cypress (circulation), lavender (relaxation) and Idaho Balsam Fir (sore muscles) according to my needs at that moment.
  • On exiting the bath, I stand up slowly to maximize the oil that clings to my skin and pat myself dry with a towel to leave as much of the Essential Oils on my skin as possible.
  • For headaches, I use Relieve ItTM, PanAwayTM, Aroma SiezTM, and Idaho Balsam Fir applied topically.

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Source: Russell Louie, Aromatherapist, Golden CO