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Aging – The dreadful word of Youth!

Yes, we are wonderfully made, the human body of ours and yet we cannot deny the time and its power:  “The power of aging”.
No one can go against the fact that we will all lose our youthfulness.  Time will come that our body will give up its vigor and we will just wither away like a flower.
By this fact, though we cannot completely stop the aging process, we however can “delay” its progress by doing the natural and simple things…
Nature always prevails, they say…  Yet we can use Nature to fix the Aging process.  Along with the word “delay” is the words “take care”. To delay aging we need to take care of all the areas of our life and the one that stands out is the physical body. And in this where Skin coming in, a great subject of universal interest:  Skin Care.
5 Skin Care Steps. These are cleansing, exfoliating, freshening, moisturizing, and protecting. Dermatologists have studies showing that those who follow these steps have clear and beautiful skin that stays young. Taking care of skin speaks of preserving the original design of the largest part of our body.
The first step is cleansing, which eliminates the most visible dirt such as dusts and particles that join with the first layer of skin before the dead skin. This is the “Getting rid of the unpleasant first layer or impurities”. 
The second is exfoliating, it is the removal of dead skin cells, which make the skin look dull, rough and old until the dead skin cells are shed from the surface in scales or layers. That layer can be compared to wearing a black-colored shirt, while exposed on a sunny day.  The black color shirt absorbs light pretty well and poorly reflects it; makes it very hot and could be very uncomfortable.   That is why it is not advisable to wear the color during hot sunny days. White or light color on the other hand does not absorb heat and reflect it much better. So, the next time you think of a an outfit for summer, consider wearing a light-colored outfit over those of a darker shade.
Same with a skin which is free from rough and dark surfaces, when exposed to light will easily reflect it away….and that what makes it glowing and radiant. 
The third is refreshing; it is about developing youthful features and making our skin fresh in appearance or vitality. This makes us feel good about ourselves by feeling good about our skin.
The fourth is moisturizing, it serves as food for the skin and it makes skin less dry. This protects our skin from easily breaking or cracking.
And the last one is protecting, it is about keeping our skin safe from harm or injury. We also need to protect it against sunlight, dust, any outdoor elements and harsh conditions.
To use cream, oil and skin product or treatment effectively, we should know our skin type accordingly.

Skin Types:  People are born with their Skin Types, depends on their Genetic and Ethnicity.

Dry Skin which is characterized by small pores and no oil or shine, with this, expression lines are easy to form. Such skin is rough, flaking or cracking. Dry skin is common in 50-year-old women and in those who live in areas with low humidity. Keeping skin hydrated is the solution because fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging are more noticeable on dry skin.
Normal Skin is a healthy–looking skin with a smooth texture, and a balance of oil and moisture.
Oily Skin has large pores and shiny skin–looking.
Combination Skin is the combined of oily skin in the T-zone and dry skin around the eyes or some other areas on the face.
Depending of the type of skin, treat it properly according to its needs.
As human, we do not need sun to stay healthy, and yet extreme exposure to the sun is the greatest cause of skin problems.  Between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. is the time when the sun shines the brightest, so, it wise to avoid direct exposure within these times.  If skin turns reddish or pinkish beyond the usual while getting exposed, get out of the sun immediately and apply cool compresses – Not directly on the skin – Spray burns with filter water and organic Lavender oil or Aloe-Vera gel or apply Turmeric cream could help to soothe the burns.

The information in this work is intended for your general knowledge and educational services only. It is not a substitute for medical advice or any treatments for any medical conditions.”