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The Dirty Pharmacy

Did you know that the word “Drug” originally meant the drying of plants to get their concentrated effects?And yes, Marijuana if used properly as a medication could be useful in certain situations.
What’s in it for us?
This means that we could actually have our own pharmacy in our backyard! With a little research, a handful of seeds from our local gardening store and some elbow grease, we’re one step closer to feeling better, running faster, thinking clearer and living life to its fullest. With the simple knowledge of herbs, the small amount of time that we spend in tending to our dirty backyard pharmacy is going to pay off.  Instead of going to the hospital and spending money, time and patience, we could be spending it on things that really matter: Family.
Sounds too good to be true?
No, it’s called being real. Here’s another piece of information: the coins that we’re going to invest in buying the few seeds that we need, may actually mean an entire month’s salary just spent in a day in the hospital. The expression that prevention is better than cure has never been truer.
How do we get started?
We can’t just jump in and plant whatever is available on hand. Do a bit of research first and find out what kinds of plants that we could grow in our area. It’d be meaningless to buy something that we can’t use at all. This information is available online by simply searching the kinds of plants that are growing in our area and finding out which ones are medicinal or at least preventive of certain conditions that seem to prevail in our family.
Another good source of information (also more official and therefore, safer) is our personal doctor, he can actually get us in touch with an herbalist or a pharmacist that we can get good advice from. One should make sure to also know how to properly harvest and preserve the plants. Most of the time all we have to do is to dry the leaves and make a tea but some of them need to be ground first and sprinkled on our meal to get the good stuff.

Other things to remember…  

One should not forget that these efforts to establish a backyard pharmacy will be nothing without proper exercise and diet. It is not a cure-all for medical conditions. It just improves our chances of having a good life without hurting our wallet. One should always consult with a professional. If we have doubts in what we are doing, better be convinced first to stay with it rather than leaving the plants half-grown and messing up the landscape of the backyard.

The last say…

Ever since people learned how to farm and cultivate plants; simply knowing what to do and what not to do, knowing what to get and what not to get; people’s lives have gotten better. With farming we were able to live in a single area, we were able to live healthier, fuller lives and we were able to save the lives of countless millions too! So, when our grandma asks us to help her out with her gardening, we should think that taking care of her plants is not just a form of relaxation for her, what actually counts for her is the time that you spend with her and the extra time that she could spend in the future with you simply because the herbs that you’re planting now could mean the difference if you could get to spend time with your own children, having fun or not at all. Be real and smart, wanting to live life is better than just breathing and eating.

The information in this work is intended for your general knowledge and educational services only. It is not a substitute for medical advice or any treatments for any medical conditions.