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Detox Without Nosebleeds

“Detox” is a shorter form of the term “detoxification,” which means “to clean” or “to remove toxins from;” and that’s just for starters. A lot of health regimens (products and services) fancy themselves detoxifying. It makes for good advertisement because it sounds good to us – the consumer. But, what are we really getting into? This is the first question that we first have to answer before we submit any part of our bodies, or ourselves for that matter, to the care of anyone in the hopes of being detoxified.
There are many kinds and many ways to detoxify our body:  Cleaning the Colon is to detoxify the colon (part of the Digestive System); Other detoxifications are Skin, Arteries etc..

Toxified -Detoxified

If we are going to study the exact meaning of the term “detoxification,” we’d be happy to point people to the nearest encyclopaedia for a detailed (read: nosebleed) explanation of how it works but, let’s just make it simple.
To make it easier to understand the process of detoxification, let’s first understand the root word: toxin. The word toxin can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Scientifically, these are chemical substances that are bad for us and they do a lot of damage to an otherwise perfectly healthy cell. Now, we do have our livers to protect us and keep the toxins out, but, before we go traipsing to the nearest bar for another drink, remember, our livers are still a part of us (a big one at that) and we have to take care of them.
Now, if we’re taking care of our health and actually considering ourselves as quite a fit individual, we’re not yet in the clear. Toxins don’t come in as just “bad” chemicals, they also come in as negative emotions and thoughts. This is also the reason that some company events and celebrations are called “Detox” events.
Both these kinds of toxins are detrimental to us if we let them stay in our systems and our heads and THAT is when detoxification comes in handy.

Detoxify to Vivify

When we get detoxified, we get cleansed but there is actually more to it than that. When our bodies and minds get cleansed, we have the chance to restructure ourselves and lighten what we carry (both literally and figuratively). When we are free of the things that limit us: the toxins, our appreciation of life’s moments become more vivid and therefore, more enjoyable; it’s a snowball effect that all we need to do is push to get started.
How to get detoxified
Detoxifying is actually not as hard nor as expensive as it sounds. Think of it this way: sure, some soaps are better than others but, just because one soap has a bigger price tag than the other one, it doesn’t mean that it is actually better. Same goes with everything else, simply taking a relaxing shower and living healthy is already, in by itself, detoxifying. Surrounding yourself with good people and people that you can trust is another effective way to de-stress and detoxify the mind. The same way that toxins can destroy us in a multitude of ways, we can also prevent their damage by simply taking out the trash in ourselves. Now THAT is real freedom.
Detoxify, all you need is to get started.

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