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by Kenton H Johnson, Executive Director/Publisher

Indigenous Earth Healers Day

“The ice is melting,” says Inuit Nation elder, Angaangaq Lyberth of Greenland at the August 2001 Millennium Peace Summit at the United Nations, speaking of the icebergs and global warming.

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Janna Moll was the organizer for “Indigenous Earth Healers Day,” a beautiful and spiritual preconference event which began the January 25-28 “Healing Touch International 5th Annual International Conference.” She quoted the Inuit Nation elder, then emphasized that we need to “stand as one nation for healing: healing of ourselves, healing of our nations and healing of our planet. See more, including introductions to and some extensive statements by these caretakers,

Janna Moll, who chose to wear a dress covered in <I>dragonflies, </I>significant as lifters of dreams and prayers to the creator using their creator-given double wings

Highlights of comments by these deeply-committed and inspiring Earth Healers follow

Tom Goodman and Donna Augustine

Tom Goodman, “Blue Wolf – One Who Walks in the Dreams of Others,” Earth Healer, MC, Advisor and Liaison to the others in attendance, Muscogee tribe, Sautee-Nacoochee GA. As he learned from a 10,000-year-old cave in Northern Colorado that prophesied all our diseases: as modeled in nature, the cause and the cure are next to each other – in the heart. Visit

Leonard Peltier

Donna Augustine ”Thunderbird Turtle Woman,” Honored Elder, Micmac tribe, Canada. Each of the races was given a spiritual gift and responsibility for an element; all races and elements are equal and deserve each others’ respect: Yellow- air; Black- water; White- fire; Red- earth. Women, mothers [and all others who honor their feminine, nurturing side]: speak up not only for young children, but for our ancestors, who will help us heal when asked. She extended a heart-felt plea to pray for freedom for Leonard Peltier who has been incarcerated for 25 years in Leavenworth KS on what may well be false evidence. He is very ill, and his supporters are working to allow him to walk on Mother Earth before he dies. See one of the websites on him, such as

Ivan Steven Paul

Ivan Steven Paul ”Tulley Spotted Eagle Boy,” Spiritual Leader, Micmac tribe, Canada. The power is in the hand, the heart, the mind and the body. Talk is cheap; actions speak louder. Contact him at (800)332-3969; ask about his Purification Ceremony.

CJ HoodCredo Mutwa

CJ Hood, Representative and passionate Zulu student, Credo Mutwa, Sansui, Zulu tribe, South Africa. Respect all that is around us, accept all cultures as they are, and go back to our traditions. Credo Mutwa via video: Nature protects and heals; teach yourself to see the stars – brightness surrounded by darkness. Contact CJ

Lama Karma Namgyel

Lama Karma Namgyel, Bhutanese monk, Boulder CO. From the Dalai Lama: It is our responsibility to make a more compassionate world giving all people equal rights to happiness.

Bob Randall

Bob Randall, Australian/Aborigine Elder, Alice Springs, Australia. We are simply keepers of the earth – we don’t own it; we belong to it. Children and nature are our teachers.

Tom Pela

Tom Pela, Healer and Medicine Man, Shungopavi Village, Second Mesa AZ. “My creator and spiritual guides chose me to be doing the healing work for them.”

Lynette Tiffany

Lynette (Nettie) Pualani Fernandez Tiffany, Earth Healing Elder, Waianae HI. She found that the other healers present – her new family – have similar rituals and they feel what she feels: blessed. Bless your children and their children by half submerging them in a calm body of water, drawing them slowly up as you pray for their lives; when they emerge, say “Ha” and breath your love, life and support into them. Aloha means, hello, goodbye and I love you. Aloha.

Thank you very much to the more than 80 people and businesses who made this exceptional event possible. For additional information, and