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by Deborah Baker, DC, MSc(Nutrition), DIHom

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Beta 1,3-D Glucan (BG) is an amazing immune system modulator. In fact this substance has been around and researched since the 1940s. Only in the last five years or so, has it become more generally understood and used for its immune enhancing abilities.

How it basically works is to active the immune cells called the macrophages. The critical job of the macrophages is to trap and destroy foreign substances in our bodies. BG assists the macrophages in recognizing all that is “non-self.” BG is also a very powerful free radical scavenger, helping our bodies to combat oxidation of its cells – a primary cause of aging.

It is naturally radioprotective, meaning it protects us against radiation of all types be it from the sun, air travel, power lines or X-rays.

One of the most exciting abilities of BG is its capability to aid other medications such as antibiotics, antiparasitics or even antifungals work much more efficiently.

Of course, the effect of greatest consequence is its anti-neoplastic function. In his research done at the University of McGill Cancer Research Center in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Peter Mansell MD stated, “Glucan was found to be an effective drug in inducing macrophage-mediated destruction in malignant lesions in animals and humans.”

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Deborah Baker, DC, MSc (Nutrition), DIHom, has been in practice for over 21 years. She works with medical physicians and with amalgam-free dentists. She writes for health journals such as Alive and Health Naturally in Canada and several journals in the US. She has been a Vice President in an organization of professionally trained Homeopaths in Canada, as well as a member of several other Holistic Healing Academys. In addition, she has spoken at the expositions, many television programs and radio shows across Canada, and media conferences on behalf of the Canadians for Mercury Relief. She specializes in mercury detoxification – post-amalgam removal for thousands of patients with incredible results. She bases her work in her knowledge of the biochemistry and physiology of the human – how that needs adjusting in different syndromes.