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Courtesy of The Four Winds Society - CLICK FOR WEBSITEShamanic Healing techniques focus on the energy field that envelopes the physical body. For tens of thousands of years, shamans have understood that these “luminous bodies” contain the blueprints of our lives – our health, our aging, our death. “The luminous energy field informs and organizes the physical body in the same way that the energy fields of a magnet organize iron filings on a piece of glass,” says Dr. Alberto Villoldo. When we recognize and correct a problem in the energy body, corresponding changes take place in the physical body or the psyche, sometimes instantly, sometimes gradually. The basic Shamanic Healing practices are:

  • Energy Attunements - the energy field and the chakras are cleansed and balanced
  • Soul Retrievals - the shaman journeys beyond ordinary reality to retrieve a soul element that has fled because of trauma, fear or abuse
  • Extractions – intrusive energy forms – and in rare cases, entities – are removed from the energy field

Some Shamanic Healers also offer clairvoyant readings, protection, death rites and “despachos” – offerings. Most of these procedures take place in a sacred space and are rich in ceremony. Shamanic healing may be particularly useful for energy-related problems, weakened immune systems, chronic pain, depression, stress, pre and post-operative care and side effects of chemotherapy.

Several respected national organizations offer training and certification in shamanic healing, including Michael Harner’s The Foundation for Shamanic Studies in California, and Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s The Four Winds Society in Florida and California.

Source: C Daniel Karnes, New Orleans LA

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