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Infant Massage Instruction

Massage is a precious gift that parents can give their babies. It warms, soothes, relaxes, comforts and communicates affection with a richness little else can match. Some of the benefits of infant massage are: helps parents bond with their babies, reduces muscle tension, enhances left/right brain symmetry, helps the infant to learn appropriate touch, and helps soothe colicky babies.

Infant massage is taught in classes for one or both parents. Parents can attend before the birth of their baby, using a doll on which to practice the strokes, or may bring their three-week to ten-month-old infant to massage. The course is taught in four sessions of about 60-90 minutes each.

During the course parents learn the benefits of infant massage, learn how to massage their baby, and are given helpful hints for infant massage. The strokes are easy to learn, so that all parents can give a wonderful massage. It would also make sense for relatives and others who care for infants to learn this wonderful modality.

Source: Joanne Cardinal, NTS, Aurora CO.

Contributors: Jan Foster Miller, MA; Janey North Brancheau, CMT, RPP, Boulder CO; Susan Folsom, CMT, Boulder CO

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