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eTherapy is a relatively new, rapidly expanding and powerful mode of providing excellent therapeutic help online, using the Internet. The therapists are experts with verifiable credentials who can give guidance and advice from most of the therapeutic modalities that face-to-face therapists use. The means used to facilitate the therapy are e-mails, chat rooms and video conferencing. eTherapy can stand alone or be used in combination with many other healing techniques and tools.

For people who, because of physical challenge, remote location, phobias, busy life-styles, need of specific expertise not found locally or other reasons, cannot or do not wish to see a conventional therapist in a traditional setting, eTherapy can make the difference between receiving expert support, advice and guidance or living in isolation, with a feeling of being trapped. eTherapy can be the saving grace which unlocks doors of ignorance and fear with which many people view psychotherapy and other healing modalities. Many people think traditional psychotherapy is too costly, too personal, too invasive, and takes up too much time. eTherapy can be a means of getting help for those with these considerations. eTherapy can be seen as having an expert available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. It is an effective and highly valuable form of healing which can reach and aid many people to live fuller and richer lives.

Source: Karen Turner, MA, LMFT, DAPA, Denver CO.