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Enzymes – Nervous System & Hormones with Susan Richter
  1. Digestive system review: Constipation is self-poising
  2. Inflammation Cause and Effect Review
  3. Immune System Review
  4. Susan Urine 24 hour testing is different than daily urine testing Review
  5. HCL is a by-product of the stomach
  6. PH level short definition
  7. Nervous System
  8. Hormones
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Self-Love with Theresa Hoang and Vickie Eaton
  • What is Self-Love? The need for unconditional love and giving: Example Pet owner – How does God loves us? God needs our love and we need His love.
  • Responsibilities for oneself
  • So where does self-love happened? In our mind or body? Where do they come from?
  • When should we decide to do this: Now, this moment.
  • How does it work?
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Vickie Solo - Self-Loved: Perfection in the Imperfection!
  1. Self-Love
  2. Connections – The Survival Need.
  3. 4 billions cells, The Power of One and The Connection of Billions.
  4. Having a Pet Lesson: Unconditional Love and Responsibilities and Freedom of Power of the Self!
  5. 99.9999% physical – Need the Mind to be Involved.
  6. Do the exercises, Affirmations daily because we are Forgetful, Easily Distracted Creatures.
  7. Bringing the Subconscious to Conscious level.
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Enzymes & Inflamation & Immune System with Susan Richter
  1. 4 elimination systems – Defecation, Respiration, Urinary and Skin
  2. Blood PH the most dedicated – every system has different PH
  3. Susan Urine 24 hour testing is different than daily urine testing
  4. HCL is a waste?
  5. Quick review of 7 body systems?
  6. What is Inflammation? Cause and Effect.
  7. The Immune System: What is it? How do we help it? Should we help it?
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Complete Wellness - Emotional Freedom Techniques with Debra Hollinrake!
  1. What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?
  2. What can it do for you?
  3. Who would benefit from this?
  4. When does it happened?
  5. Why do we need it?
  6. Where is it come from
  7. How does it work?
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Huong Viet Restaurant: Gà Xào S? Ot - Chicken Lemon Grass
Tender cooked chicken infused with strong, aromatic fried lemongrass concentration and chili: So Warm, so delicious. This is what you are waiting for in this dish to dispel the cold and rainy day of the winter.
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CompWellness stands for Complete Wellness. There are 7 pieces of the Wellness pie, and we all want each and every single piece of our life to be filled with Harmony, Love and Joy.


1. Health (emotional, physical etc.) of an individual
2. Career (work, job)
3. Financial (net worth)
4. Society (relationships with society)
5. Spirit (things we can not see, but know existing like the soul, God)
6. Family and friends (close relationships)
7. Love

Blessing the World Small

  1. Sit with back straight, feet apart on the floor, hands opened on laps. Or stand straight, feet slightly apart, palms opened along sides of your body. Or lay down, spine straight, feet apart, hands opened on the sides of your body.
  2. Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth; put a smile on the corners of your mouth and eyes. You can close your eyes or have them opened.
  3. Breathe in deeply and slowly with your nose, breathe out slowly and completely; continue to breathe in and out again for at least 3 times.
  4. Say these words out loud or to yourself in your mind: My name is (say your name), (Ask at least 3 times, can change or add anything you desire)
    • I ask the love from the universe to Bless (the United States of America and) All of the Nations & Countries on Earth.
    • I ask the love from the universe to Bless All Creatures Big and Small of the World.
    • I ask the love from the universe to Bless All Races, All Things and All Forces visible and invisible.
    • I ask the love from the universe to Bless All Continents, All Seas and Water bodies.
    • I ask the love from the universe to Bless All people, Cultures, Traditions, Societies and Institutions.
    • I ask the love from the universe to Bless All the Moon, Sun, Galaxies and All the Stars.
    • I ask the love from the universe to Bless All the Worlds with Wisdom, Harmony, Love and Hope today and every day ALWAYS.
  5. Take your hands and form a big sphere full of Light: Wisdom, Harmony, Joy and Hope; when it is full and complete, gently push this sphere out to the universe. Watch it fly out and expand until it covers everything with light and love.
  6. Put your hands together on your chest, rub clockwise 3 times, bow, smile and say:
    • I thank you and I accept
    • I thank you and I accept
    • I thank you and I accept
  7. Share this joy and love to the universe by pushing your opened palms forward and say Amen or any word you desire.
  8. Rub your hands together 3 times clockwise, massage your faces lightly 3 times, massage your ears from top to bottom 3 times.

Open Your Eyes, Smile, Be Happy,
And Go Live Your Beautiful Day!

Anytime you need a reminder, you can simply say to yourself:
The World is beautiful and protected.
The World is safe.